If the external video is displayed normal, I assume there is nothing wrong with the video card or motherboard. Amanda May 3, When i arrived at my home i reboot it and know problem. I have an Acer Aspire Any help would be appreciated. I did the check on it and it says it is working properly but it wont read anything i put in the drive.

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Could be something wrong with the motherboard.

Matthew May 9, Just disconnect it from the laptop and connect it back. Makarand January 1, Turn on the laptop and listen for fan to start spinning.

Acer Service Manuals and Documentation

Thks for reading this request. I assume the video card is integrated into the motherboard. If anybody acer aspire 1692wlmi find the complete manual — or at least the chapter on actual dissassembly — I would much appreciate it!

Like it runs for a couple hours max and then just powers down. Acer aspire 1692wlmi to remove the hard drive and start the laptop. George Henry September 27, For example Toshiba, Acfr, HP supply a recovery, restore media witch you can run to restore the laptop back to original factory settings.

You should keep your laptop of a flat surface so there is some space under the laptop. Acer aspire 1692wlmi October 19, The new drive will be partitioned and formatted automatically by the system recovery utility.

High Brightness LED backlight up to nits.

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Daniel, I think your laptop shuts down because acer aspire 1692wlmi CPU overheats. Can you get any video on an external monitor if you completely minimize the system and leave only the motherboard, graphics card, CPU and memory? I have an Acer CLi, Difficulty powering on.

LCD Controller by Number. CJ, I help out over at the Toshiba Notebook forum aceer love your disassembly list for Toshiba notebooks. Jersey April 8, 1692qlmi This was very very difficult to find on google, so I want to share it with you. Can you test the AC adapter with a acer aspire 1692wlmi

S but when I look at instruments inside nothing seems broken or acer aspire 1692wlmi or anything. I bought a new battery and asppire I fitted it and turn it on I get acer aspire 1692wlmi error message telling me its the incorrect battery please insert proper one system is now going into hibernation mode.

I need help for my acer laptop aspire The battery is securely fixed. I am a acer aspire 1692wlmi engineer and have sourced the part Ajith Shantha April 6, Also check the BIOS settings if you can access 1692lmi of course.


Today i went to the service point and got my acer back because i got ungry with them for the delay qspire the repair. I know that some people successfully cleaned the heat sink with a shop vacuum some people say you can damage the laptop by static electricity when you are vacuuming, acer aspire 1692wlmi sure about that. It turned out it was the dc jack. One acer aspire 1692wlmi a mesh gauze which I presume was to help prevent dust, but under that three quarters covering the vent acer aspire 1692wlmi a plastic sheet.

Aspier series is a direct replacement for Laptop screens that were originally equipped with a single CCFL backlight lamps. The display controls have no effect. Arnel November 19,