If they replaced only the LCD screen then it is possible that the video cable is bad or the connection on the system board is loose. I have an IBM Thinkpad. I cant possibley think its anything else except maybe two bad vga cables…. Wow my invertor is bad, i think im going to check that other laptop out one i never said about, because it actually works lol, but its too slow to use really. Also, would you recommend buying the inverter from any site or company in particular? Thank you for help Volker. Thanks for any advice, John.

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This is not critical because you can fit everything into the metal frame but it made re-assembly much more difficult.

Fyjitsu the screen is white I would try to reseat the fujitsu lifebook c2210 cable on the back of the LCD fujitsu lifebook c2210 first. After that resume it from standby and see if you experience the same problem fujitsu lifebook c2210 an external monitor.

I have lifsbook problem with my laptop, when i switch it on it gives the LED lights and then it switches itself gujitsu. I guess you can measure the voltage on the exit from the FL inverter board to see if you have any output at all.

This is a 15 inch screen and has a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. My frined recently bought an Acer Laptop and when the laptop is on there is a small green speck of fujitsu lifebook c2210 in the screen.

Is this a bad video card? I cant possibley think its anything else except maybe two bad vga cables…. I am now going to try and replace the video cable. I have found replacement screens…but when reading about the backlights I wonder if replacing the screen will take care of that problem too.

I had some problem that the top near the lifeboo board did not fully fall to place so what I did was to push the LCD from the front layer under the frame until it came in proper position for the final clips to engage. Tried to reseat the connector but nothin happende, also tried to connect an external monitor the same thing no display…. Recently, When I turn it on the screen is very dark and I see a faint image of windows.

According to Jean comment 70the video cable lfiebook Acer is pretty cheap. I have an Dell Inspiron notebook. Should I use fuhitsu voltmeter to see if the inverter is atleast working? Further, unless I wait a period of time mins before restarting, it gives me a narrowed compressed left-justified Toshiba logo screen and then fujitsu lifebook c2210.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

A simple way to test if the video card is good is by connecting an external monitor to the laptop. I did and got hard to remove fingerprints. I figured out that if I put a spacer 2 thicknesses of cardboard between the memory module and the cover, the memory seems to work. I can see the window screen there but unable to use the screen. I guess in your lifdbook it would be better to take the laptop for fujitsu lifebook c2210 to a computer repair shop.

The one thing I did notice fujitsu lifebook c2210 the wires going to the connection on the left side has what I would call a severe bend or kink in the cable. They checked fujitsu lifebook c2210 cable, and said it was fine, and wanted several hundred dollars to send out.

If you get frustrated just take a break and come back. I wanted to determine if it is the inverter or the CCFL backlight that is bad.

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It came to a point where it did not work at all, but I could still see the dimly lit fujitsu lifebook c2210. Hi, I bought a Compaq Presario R about a year ago.

I have read in Internet that is a very common problem on this kind of laptops, so where can i found about changing an lifeobok I have a Gateway GZ Laptop with wireless,3.

Notebooks – Previous Models

Fujitsu lifebook c2210 Fason February 7, For you people doing this, make sure you preserve the rubber insulators and install them cleanly on the new tube the same c22210 they were on the old one. It is best to use a grounding strap when working with any electronics.

I replace the backlight and it works, but now it only illuminates the bottom portion fujitsu lifebook c2210 the screen closest to the bulb and gets darker towards the top of the screen. Sometimes they cover a small section of the screen, sometimes they cover the whole fujitsu lifebook c2210 and flicker. These can be carefully peeled back but they are sometimes unusable afterward.

I dun want to waste unnecessary cash as I need the laptop for my school work. Handle all internal components by the sides.

It was just black screen.

I had a replacement screen that was in perfect shape, but was really dim. You can find a good seller on eBay.