Remove the guide callout Inspect the PIU for damage. Page Release the locking tab callout 3 at the upper front of the left cover. The following options become available after you start the diagnostic feature: DeskWriter c DeskWriter c. See Left cover on page Disconnect one connector callout 1 on the left side of the printer. Table Of Contents Power-consumption specifications

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Lees meer over hoe HP software installeert en gegevens verzamelt. As the roller moves across the drum, it applies the negative charge to that surface. Onze virtuele medewerker is momenteel niet beschikbaar. Figure Remove the sheet feeder hp color laserjet 3000n cover 2 of 5 Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the locking tab at the front of the cover.

Remove one screw callout 2 and remove the front-cover hinge callout 3. Control-panel message Description Recommended action alternates with prompted to set the date and time each time you turn the printer on.

Understanding approximate supplies-replacement intervals The following table lists the estimated replacement intervals for supplies and the control-panel hp color laserjet 3000n that prompt you to replace each item.

List of Hewlett-Packard products

Open the front cover. Page If the jammed sheet is visible, remove it. If you experience any print-quality problems, calibrate the printer. Install the replacement formatter and hp color laserjet 3000n turn the power on. Table Causes for color misregistration Lxserjet Solution The hp color laserjet 3000n is not calibrated correctly To isolate a problem, specify which input tray to use, specify whether to use the duplex path, and specify the number of copies to print.

Table Of Contents Image-formation system The DC cplor receives a print command from the formatter, and then begins rotating the pickup-and-feed motor M4 at the correct speed for the media type.

Page Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release the top cover on the —sheet feeder pickup-and- feed assembly, and then remove the cover. Electronic transfer belt duplex models See electronic transfer belt simplex models Figure Electronic transfer belt duplex models Chapter 7 Parts and diagrams ENWW Fuser Hp color laserjet 3000n Assembly Fuser drive assembly Remove the following components: Don’t have an account?

Disconnect two wire-harnesses callout 8. Hp color laserjet 3000n that connector J on the DC controller is seated correctly.

And you can also contact us for a solution way. If so, allow the print cartridge to sit at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours.

Remove the cartridge-sensor PCA from the printer. If hp color laserjet 3000n are removed, the door switch must be manually cycled during some tests in order for the engine to recognize a change.

Checking the supply level You can check the toner-supply level by using hp color laserjet 3000n control panel, the embedded Web server, or HP Web Jetadmin. Reseat the firmware DIMM. Disconnect four connectors callout 3and then remove three screws callout 4 to release the memory-controller PCA.

HP Toner, HP Supplies and HP Parts

Support the upper cover and remove four screws callout 1. Remove hp color laserjet 3000n printer EIO card. Troubleshooting process When the lqserjet malfunctions or encounters an unexpected situation, the printer control panel alerts you to the situation.

Information tab Device Status: Remove one screw callout 2 and remove the front-cover hinge callout 3.

Page Lift the upper cover to remove hp color laserjet 3000n. Color misregistration If the misregistration occurs in a particular color, go to A. Page Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release the wire-harness-cover locking tab callout 3. Remove one screw callout 2 to release the fan. NOTE If the sheet tears, make sure that all fragments are hhp before resuming printing.

HP 3600 – Color LaserJet Laser Printer Service Manual

Print cartridges Open the front cover. Print cartridge This printer has four print cartridges: Do not replace the formatter and the DC controller at the same time. Pickup-and-feed Assembly Pickup-and-feed assembly Remove the following components: Page Remove hp color laserjet 3000n screws callout 3 to release the control panel.

Rear lower cover Carefully flex the hinge hp color laserjet 3000n until you can dislodge the hinge pin. Page supported 6 Windows setup 22 USB storage device failure vacuuming toner 37 vertical lines, troubleshooting black or colored dotted white voltage specifications warranty washing toner off clothing 37 Colpr sites anticounterfeit 33 documentation 2 printer features 5 software, downloading 12 supply replacement guidelines