The synchronizer is used to control two or more radios where a common frequency is shared by using the Dynamic Data Exchange DDE mechanism. When to press a drop down button a popup menu is displayed. Requires the use of Null Modem cable. This listens on a port usually for incoming connections from Ham Radio Deluxe the client. The settings in version 5 also for the virtual ports are all the same than in version 4. On older units, revision E and below, there is no jumper, instead, a jumper wire may be soldered connecting U to U that must be removed.

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Press n8vb vcom virtual serial ports Selection Button. Connecting to the host computer from remote is almost like connecting to the radio while on the base computer system. The menu bar is very similar to any other program that you have used. Because of this Version 5 will no longer function vjrtual the gateway.

Rig Control – Ham Radio Deluxe Wiki

Let me know if it does not work now. This listens on a port usually for n8vb vcom virtual serial ports connections from Ham Radio Deluxe the client. With suitable software, the cable is capable of much higher speeds than its predecessors. This cable can also n8vb vcom virtual serial ports used in devices that do not need or make use of modem control signals. You must also do some configuring within Ham Vfom Deluxe. Those running the Trial version will see their call vco, Trial License, and an expiration date 30 days from the date installed on your computer.

As a S Meter unit is 6 dB the algorithm applied is to divide the returned value by two to get dB, then divide dB by 6 to get S units.

We know you want to find if this software works. Software flow control still worked with this cable. However, the cable pin out merely loops back, and does not physically support the hardware flow control.

As for my Frequency resolution I have that set to the very last setting on the menu choices. The original application of a xerial modem was to connect two teleprinter terminals directly without using n8vb vcom virtual serial ports. In the Username and Password fields enter the username and password you have been given; these must also be entered in the configuration file.

The text is constructed n8vb vcom virtual serial ports the frequency and mode. You have the option to add additional information to the frequency display by changing your Customize Layout Options. This is the Marine Grade version of the Micom 2 radios. For example, you can get to same customize menu by any of the following methods. Retrieved from ” http: If you check Track this window is updated with changes made to the frequency display — for example when you tune the radio manually.

Use for Drake R8. The slave will now be updated with the transmit frequency and mode for transmit every time it changes in the master instance.

This radio is fully under computer control, as is the Ten-Tec Pegasus TT, both designed by the same engineer. This is the standard, non-addressable board n8vb vcom virtual serial ports is used with the RF remote control and the RFA adaptive controller. His homepage is http: When in digi mode the mike is disabled.

This feature requires a connection from your radio the your sound card in your computer or an external sound card interface. You need to move your cursor onto the right edge of the selection menu.

Requires Alinco ERW-4 or compatible computer interface cable. User created macros are combinations of fields on the Ham Radio Deluxe radio display.


You n8vb vcom virtual serial ports have the ability to use a sound file of your choosing. Uncheck this option if you do not want Internet access. N8vb vcom virtual serial ports radios will have to be programmed via their menus and there are a vittual of other possibilities.

The CAT timeout should be set to ms. When Ham Radio Deluxe is in TX mode vco, S Meter value is replaced by the value selected in the Main and Sub dropdowns, the value you select must be displayed by Ham Radio Deluxe in the upper right hand corner of the display.

The port is the default port of If you have any problems or questions about the registration please contact support either by phone at or send an e-mail to support hrdsoftwarellc. Here you see the existing definitions. Use a thin wire and jumper the two coaxial connectors.

The one currently showing is the NEW tab.

Rig Control

The drop down buttons displayed will depend upon the radio that is connected to Ham Radio Deluxe. Ham Radio Deluxe has an improved registration system. The displayed bands have the text in white while the hidden bands text is displayed n8vb vcom virtual serial ports grey. Hide status texts hides the three top-left n8vb vcom virtual serial ports, and the status text area underneath, releasing two columns where you can assign new button definitions. Favorites was introduced in the Getting Started chapter.

For this radio, you have a set of sliders that do the same function as the slides at the bottom of your screen.