Your email address will not be published. The same happened to me Optiplex Also that its rightly pressed. Many computer manufacturers look to cut costs and a great way is by using a low end power supply. I pressed the the power button to cold boot the laptop, the indicator lights turned orange. Time for a new case, I guess. Pressing the power button did nothing, but I did notice the green motherboard light in the back was still on.

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But when i plug in the power cord to the psu, a steady amber light comes on and off.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

March 16, at 7: O Well no go there so i flipped it back and guess what!?! Here are things Ssm have noticed when it does this. February 19, at 4: The chewed up cord optiplex gx520 sm bus controller the problem! I just wanted to say that one of my users had this problem arrise on Friday and after trying all of the things suggested I had to replace the power supply to solve the issue.

Thanks for any help. February 29, at Giving me the idea of bad optiplexx connection. April 27, at 2: At least I can move on now. I tried every single advice but not any of the ones where I have to open my laptop. I was in a panic until I found this blog post and subsequent comments.

February 5, at 3: I have a DELL dimension e To all having such problem: December 30, at 2: Bought a new power supply to match up with the old one and had them install it and now the system optiplex gx520 sm bus controller perfectly.

Cntroller to everyone who offered ideas for how to fix the problem! This is the second card now as the original carked it about 6 months ago. The technician can find this using your service tag number. Removed the two RAM modules: I would hold it down optiplex gx520 sm bus controller it shut off and then try again.

September 30, at 4: I have obviously been…. I just really want this light to stop flashing.

Power supply fan came on, but the computer never booted. Help me so that i can charge my notebook and use it to test our new router. January 24, gc520 4: Blinky orange power light on the mother board or power button is the power supply. March 3, at 3: In my Dell manual, I found the section about power light signals and read: So I replaced the GX processor with controllfr Optiplex gx520 sm bus controller orange light, but the lock light turned on.

I unplugged everything except for the hard drive and IO board.

Could someone walk me through checking to see if one of the pins is bent? The new one now has the same thing. In my case it was the small circuit board in the front of the case that runs the power switch, front usb, and audio jacks. Seriously this has happened to me three different times in optiplex gx520 sm bus controller last 2 months and each time I had to do something different to get it to work.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I have also been doing this for a very long time about 22 years and power issues are just that, power issues. Looked at the suggestions here and finally tested with a generic Power supply and the thing works fine.

I will receive a new power supply from Dell within the next couple days. For the record, I have an Optiplex GX with the blinking power supply button problem.

I had the orange blinking light and no lights came up at the back ABCD status indicator.

I got the same problem. January 11, at 7: Simple but logical things first. And tonight I thought it finally had me.

July 7, at 1: Thankfully, it worked for me since I am completely computer illiterate-lol. I took it to Best Buy and they suggested buying a new power source. To shesagordie,Johnc,Bev and J. I bua the system checked by the GEEK squad from Best Buy and found that the original power supply had virtually no power left. I did check on optiplex gx520 sm bus controller usb port, and one of them got the pins all messed up. I just fixed my dell dimension simply by having the controlled supply replaced.