Adrian S March 24th, I think if there is an open path in your vector file it would cause the machine to ” loose its mind” so to speak. Louise shepphard August 9th, Hola mira tengo un ploter p cut y de la nada me empezo a cortar mal no corta lo solicitado, se desvia y me junta un trazo con otro, e intentado todo instalarlo denuevo , ver las velocidades en fin, no he conseguido que trabaje como antes. Just wondered if you could help with the above?

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It may that the belt that moves the blade left and right is slipping pcut ctn630 you may be able to hear it slipping if you listen. It’s a brand new machine, freshly out of box just 2 days ago. Marthin June 11th, Homer December 9th, I think if there is an open path in your vector file it cttn630 cause the machine pcut ctn630 ” loose its mind” so to speak.

Jan 31, 1. Discussion in ‘ Miscellaneous Pcut ctn630 ‘ started by zenith13 pcut ctn630, Jan 31, Could you send me a picture from yours? Glad to hear you’re up and running. Pcut ctn630 sure I’ll have more questions later. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Pcut ctn630 This Page Tweet. Neil April 17th, My supplier of the machine also says grounding is important. I personally have never got mine to work with the USB driver, but when you install the USB driver the command prompt will open do what it needs to do and closes so your driver is installed.

What do I d pls help. John July 11th, Unknown device…I tryed reinstaling drivers, changing ports…nothing…with serial cable work with no worries …thank you again. So it must be the plotter and not the software.

pcut ct a step by step guide – Redemption Man | Redemption Man

I set it up according to the instruction, used the driver provided. I bought a cto creation pcut ctn630 managed to make cutouts in vinyl normally. But my advice is to use the serial connection ctnn630 not USB Redemption.

Feb 1, 3. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have a pcut ct when i go to cut it is saying cannot open the output device error initializing cutter any ideas plz. Thanks in advance, Sam. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs You pcut ctn630 try running a wire from the frame of the machine to a ground.

I cant read what my last post was supposed to mean! It misses by about 0. Anyone that has a Pcut creations plotter Pcut ctn630Jan 10,in forum: It seems pcut ctn630 I cut a circle, the knife doesn’t seem to complete the circle. My Creation CT has fallen from the desk and it has unsoldering the cables from the main panel.

Jamie December 6th, I have now successfully cut 3 designs consecutively without pcut ctn630.

Creation PCUT Cutting Plotter Discussion

Unfortunately I have never found a way to cancel a job other than turning pcut ctn630 cto off Redemption. I just tried again without blade this time, it worked Can anyone help me?

Oct 17, 15 LightHouse Member 0 0 Mar 17, I cant read what my last post was supposed to mean! Second, In case pcut ctn630 the static issue, I placed a piece of wire sitting on top of the vinyl roll to the ground pcut ctn630 PC via exposed metal contact on the USB connector.

Rich March 22nd, Pcut ctn630 am using a Mac OSX At this stage, pcur buttons work.