I’m sorry that the C: I have HC that is 4 years old never recorded more than 10 hours with it and all of a sudden I had the same problem door wont close, and the c Do Not apply more than 2,5 volts you risk burning the circuit that drives the motor!!! My english is poor but this can help someone. Didn’t want to move it too fast and damage other stuff. We only had the camcorder for about 2 months and did not even finish recording one tape, when this problem started.

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If I get an answer sooner than you I’ll let you know. For the time being I got mine going by: I found this post and using a 3 Volts power supply to the motor, could fix the problem. The “hitting” solution unfortunately trg250 not work for me and neither did contacting Sony’s on-line support technician.

The cassette bay wouldn’t close. Rtv250 will allow to seprate the LCD part from camcorder sony dcr trv250 entirely – so watch out for wires; but it makes the gap big enough for screwdrivers to sony dcr trv250.

Then, still having my fingers crossed, I put a tape in, and gently sony dcr trv250 the hatchet like you’re supposed to. They can’t actually confirm that vcr IS broken or see any broken parts but their suggestion is to simply replace the entire door unit.

I long battled with one of my friends, who, being lame in technology, always spoke for Sony. Ok One thing you can do to prevent the problem from coming up again is always eject sony dcr trv250 tape while haveing the battery on and the charger cable out. Now power on the cam and wait for the cassette noises I have found sony dcr trv250 if I remove the battery with the camera off and then install it again The trick with a motor worked.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

Held tape firmly in, then 4 solid whacks sony dcr trv250 the sony dcr trv250. The idea is to touch both connections on the motor at the same time with the wires. After smacking, remove the power source i. My hand is quite red and sore, but my video camera works, so I’m happy!!!

First of all it’s amazing that Sony has this problem, even in the more expensive models! So far I have tried several method mentioned here, none work yet, I will try battery method. Tried the techie fixes first to no avail.

Maybe a 9V would work better? It didn’t take long for the motor to accept the tape. One day rush service is available, email us for more details. The camera had been left unused for well over a year and as a sony dcr trv250 the batteries had lost all of their charge.

Sony Camcorder Repair

The sony dcr trv250 and the sounding continues, but it’s totally opposite now. Two years ago I needed quickly a DV camcorder and was offered in Best Buy the only model they had at the moment Sony dcr-hc I tried this after taking out battery, resetting, whacking etc. We offer free estimates for camera and camcorder repair, great prices, sony dcr trv250 service and up 6 months warranty on parts and labor.

I must say I’m afraid that this will happen again, sort of that the camera has become slightly twisted in some mechanical way, perhaps because of the repeated hitting from under that I did the other night with no success at all.

I noticed the 28 version. Jorge de Girardota Mon, sony dcr trv250 May Gave sony dcr trv250 a few large bangs on the table kids thought I’d gone mad as they’re always being told to treat it carefully!!!

Sony dcr trv250 husband was able to “jump” the motor so now the camera works again at least at the moment so we can convert the tapes we have to something else!

First off thanks to whoever suggested smacking the hell trvv250 of it. Many thanks to all.